Experience with the use of Maxisize

Igor Leopards, Dnipropetrovsk:
"Seduced by the advertising Maxisize, plus the price of the funds available. Stress at work, sleep deprivation, improper diet gave about itself to know, there were problems with an erection.

Experience with the use of Maxisize

He decided, than the devil is no joke, bought this cream for penis enlargement. Passed 3 weeks, so that he is willing to share the experience using the cream for penis enlargement Maxisize.

First impressions

Well what to say – the miracle I was expecting, but at least some effect counted, and he appeared immediately. After application of the cream during the first few days of erections improved significantly. Self-esteem without misfires – super so far!

The length and shape is in place, but also in particular, and hoping that it's not even on what. The smell of the Maxisize pleasant, the consistency is light. Applied penis enlargement cream evenly, absorbed quickly.

3 weeks later

Experience with the application of the cream Maxisize

The manufacturer has promised that almost half of the volume and a few inches of the length of – such a result is no.

But I noticed:

  • plus 1 cm in length;
  • certain an erection;
  • quick thrill;
  • the extension of sexual intercourse.

To feel young and energetic.

I'm going to use further, because composition is natural, adverse reactions noticed. I think that the worse will not be exact, the more, the application is simple.

I hope my opinion was good for you. How to use cream, there is nothing complicated. Has known, that it also helped".