Instructions for use Maxisize

The use of penis enlargement cream is simple – just stick it on the member 1-2 times a day. You can use the tool Maxisize before intercourse for its expansion.

Characteristics of the use Maxisize

Instructions for use

Guidelines for the Max Size specified, how to use the funds:

  • use the cream we need each day, while the irregular use of the right of the results achieved;
  • moreover, it is penis enlargement cream are applied before intercourse, to increase its duration (basic procedures, do not disturb);
  • movements should be soft and self-esteem.
  • In addition to give you a little massage.

Apply the cream a delicate, but confident movements, so characteristic massage of the penis. Course application – per month, if necessary, it can be extended. With us are the most advantageous rates in Austria.

Indications and safety measures

The composition is a natural, hormones, chemicals and other harmful substances no. Use a cream simple and safe, allergies, side effects it does not cause. Restrictions (contraindications) refer to the minor's age, the period of convalescence after a heart attack, stroke, sexually transmitted diseases, and local damage to the epidermis.

A means of effectively when poor erection, premature ejaculation, lack of volume of the penis. It is desirable to pre-test is an individual intolerance.