Reviews about Maxisize

  • Peter
    "My size medium, 16-17 cm, always believed that it's okay. Then the problems started with the woman in the bed, he found that it lacks the thrill, the length of the duration. Upset is putting it mildly, but found the ad Maxisize and I can say that it actually works. My 5 points!"
  • Jonathan
    "Maxisize acts, even if for myself I can say that it's rather the erection, duration of contact, and not the size. My girlfriend is happy, I'm happy. Sometimes to repeat the course".
  • Florian
    "Cream for penis enlargement gave me a couple of cm in length, slightly increased in volume. If earlier misfires were happening often in the last few months I forgot about it, what it is. So boldly recommend, the side effects noticed".
  • Tobias
    "In advertising believe, but to no avail – with Maxisize gained a little length, volume, half an hour into the penis the law and a ton of self-confidence. I acknowledge – all at an affordable price and without the surgery, risks for the health!"
  • Astrid
    "Cream enjoyed my husband, believe advertising (I still joke over the stupidity of the enterprise). Sarcasm was a good reason – it is the cream really works, with inch of anything is measured by the amount, but even after years of marriage came back to us long passionate sex.
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